women’s only train car -Nagoya

woman's only train
women’s only train. June 13, 2013. Nagoya, Japan
iPhone 5. ISO 50. 4.1 mm. f/2.4. 1/127. Lightroom. Silver Efex Pro 2

4 thoughts on “women’s only train car -Nagoya

  1. I am struck by the textures captured here – the stripped top, woman’s skin, the individual strands of hair. The row of arms carries me down the train. I want to see the faces attached to those arms. Are they really women?

    1. Thank you, Don. I know the mystery is good. Yes, they are all women in this car and in two more cars on this train.

    1. I know! A train car only for women (or men) wouldn’t be possible in the US, would it? I must admit that it is a very nice thing for us women here in Nagoya. Very little pushing. The women are so very well behaved. A woman would rather miss a train and wait a few minutes for the next one, than be squished on the train. Many years ago in Tokyo, I experienced the discomfort of a roving male hand or two. But in those days I was 20. In any case, although it offends my liberal notion of fairness, I like the security of these women-only trains.

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