extra shot please, melody in a white, morning . . .

Starbucks Coffee – Oasis 21, Nagoya Japan

8 thoughts on “extra shot please, melody in a white, morning . . .

  1. I felt it was a modern homage to the 18th century woodblock ukioye prints. Modern theme with an old Japanese art form. No offense to Hiroshige, Harunobe and company.

  2. The contrast between the black interior and the bright/colored conjures a wide variety of ideas. My focus is drawn to the woman(?) in red. I find the mottling on the silhouettes to be distracting.

    1. Thank you for your imput. At this point, I liked that textured on the figures. I may tire of it as times passes. I will put it aside and relook at it later and see how it withstands a look in the future. This may be why I love black and white photography. It has a lasting feel about it.

  3. The post-processing makes for a very interesting picture. Love the texture on the silhouettes which somewhat resembles the texture in the background.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate your imput. I’m doing a bit of experimenting. I think it is good to branch out and see what I can learn new. I kind of like it myself. I’m especially pleased that you like this little side trip.

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