Finding time for the FLOW

MBFitzmahan. Shadow Dance. 2011. Tallinn, Estonia.

Is there anything that you love doing so much that while you are doing it, time passes without you even noticing? 

I love being with my daughters. And my Donny. I also love reading a great mystery novel or seeing a good Star Wars movie. I love a piece of watermelon, still warm from the summer fields.

These are incredible parcels in time.  They are gifts. For putting in a box, tying it up with a red satin ribbon, and saving for a day when it is raining and there is only bad news on the Internet.

MBFitzmahan. Beauty. 2008. Venice, Italy

There are other times, however, when I feel the FLOW, when I feel like my Muse is visiting me.  This is when I am creating.  Writing a blog, playing the guitar, making sushi like Jiro of Jiro Dreams of Sushi. “You must fall in love with your work.”

For me, the get lost in timeless-ness moments, are when I am working in photography, writing, studying kanji, or translating haiku.

MBFitzmahan. Critique. 2017. Berkeley, California

And I do these things for free.

There is freedom in doing what you love for free. 


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