Summer Umbrella.jpg
mbfitzmahan. Summer.  2017

6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. I wonder how many people can guess the subject of this photo. I did, after a bit of help from Maureen.

    1. Thank you, Katya. I like the geometry, too. I like the Japanese aesthetic of irregularity. And a bit of mystery. I love that you like this photo, too.

  2. It is especially interesting to read this post in light of the current state of affairs in the US White House/Congress. Even in the US, a significant segment of the population blindly shuffles through the one open door. Some complain about the closed door, but take no action to have it opened. More shocking are the large number who never see the locked door or see it, but give no thought to trying to open it. It will remain shut and locked until we collectively demand the key.

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